Daily Message

Daily Message

June 11

When someone is helping you you need to be appreciative.
When you are in tension it could be true that the ones who are the source of tension for you, are overwhelmed with depression and anxiety for not being able to help you. Thus no matter what do never give up appreciating.

June 10

When someone is helping you please be appreciative. You may think that your source of tensions is the other people for on your eyes they did not do things rightly, however, it may be also possible that they are themselves criticizing as well for they could not do things rightly no matter how hard they tried. Your negative comments may impact their confident badly.

The weakness of the mind and the weaknesss of the heart are the result of the weakness of a person.

I have realized that even a single harsh word can evoke anger. Thus, I urge you not to use any harsh words.

June 9

One of the most important duty of humankind is to respect oneself. How can a candle ignite (lit) the other candles without the flame in itself? Likewise, how can one respect others properly when he does not know how to respect oneself?

june 8

When you are out of control of yourself or when you lose your temper do the lovism breathing. It comes with three stages: normal breathing, long breathing and short breathing. Provided that you practice these techniques they will ignite your life.

What you say has an instant impact upon your future events!

You see you are to know how to appreciate people for their selfless work.

June 6

something –

June 5

Love your family truly this is how you bring peace at home.
Serve the helpless ones truly this is how you help the humanity.
Be kind and good to others this is how you bring smile to the world.
Be natural and positive this is how you defeat problems.
Be simple and simpler this is how you become joyous.
Distance yourself from desires this is how you defeat sufferings.
Set yourself higher in meekness & in wisdom this is how you become example.

The more you become nice/good the more you become useful, beloved and inspiring.

June 5

There are three types of humans: a human, a partial-human and a great human. A human is the one who neither want help nor help others; its a neutral. Fractional-human is the one who constantly invests his effort to trouble or harm others. A great human is the one who constantly invests her effort to help living beings to alleviate their sufferings. What kind of human are you?

Lovism philosophy terms its followers as Yatrees. A yatree or traveler is universal. Everyone from the time of birth starts her journey which is called yatraa. However, there are three kinds of Yatraas pertaining to the human: yatra of a human, yatra of a partial human and a yatra for a great human.

While terming its members as Yatrees Lovism is denoting the yatra of a great human one.

June 3

We have gotten this life as a gift.
Thus let us use it carefully,
Let us move it carefully,
Let us enjoy
Let us not overwhelmed by sadness,
Let us celebrate it no matter whether together or alone
Let us jump high and higher
Let us not let ourselves cry
Let us deal with anything on the way with joy

Suradurlavi Saba granthahi gawa, bado vaggesya manusha tana pawa.

June 4

Everything is easy but it is our attitudes that make things look difficult; thereby turning them into difficulties.



June 2

When the season comes do not let it pass without investing something within it.
This is the time of sowing corns so do that
This is the time of planting coconuts so do that
Unless you do so,
You will lose your chance of reaping the fruits of your labor.
If you do something off season you wont find fruits and thus you will waste your labor.

June 1

Never meet your guests when you are angry, Never promise anyone when you are happy. Do never meet your enemies when you are upset and sad.

30 May

“Life has no meaning unless you give a meaning to it. For instance, if you drive your life with happiness, you are a happy person, If you drive your life with sadness you are a sad person. If you drive your life with mood off, you are a moody person, if you drive your life with cheers you are a cheerful person. If you drive your life with joy, you are a joyous person, if you drive your life with anxiety you are an anxious person. The meaning of life is in your hands.”

May 29, A tree

A tree has to go through a lot of obstacles before blooming. Cold and hot, day and night, light and darkness, etc a tree has to face such challenges along the way. When the season comes it is forced to loose its leaves and left alone naked. But still flower does not give up nor feel tired.



































What does this bird think about the world? About the Glob and the Universe? Probably the bird might be thinking that the bird is fortunate to have a life in the jungle part of earth. It is not worried about food stock.  It wakes up and sings and then start searching for something to eat. Wow without worries! What a wonderful!

28 May

The art of happiness lies in contentment and positive attitudes, the art of peace lies in loving-kindness, the art of leaning lies in hearing seriously and the art of teaching lies in clarity.

Simplest is the best.

By the fruits of trees judge the tree, by the characters of a person determines the person.

When you constantly try to find something you cannot find it.

From the tree that lost its leaves flower bloom slowly.

Do not let yourself controlled by your mind but rather have control over the mind.

Desiring things bring trouble, violence, discontentment and turmoil with it while being content brings happiness.

The more you see flowers, the more you feel happy. The more you admire flowers the more you feel admiring it. The reason is that flowers are innocent.

If the flowers were not innocent but rather human-like they would have become quite troublesome to some and as a result not liked by many.

Be like flowers then you will be victorious everywhere.

No matter what flowers are flowers.



27 May

Be careful while speaking: small mistakes in speech can hamper a lot.
Honesty does not mean speaking up everything
If necessary for better, some points should be hidden
Be intellectual and have full of wisdom
Be vigilant and have full of insight

May 26

Be careful while you speak. Even a single word against nice people can turn the situation into worse.

Getting angry Abruptly
Being naive
Smoking and being alcoholic
Not siting in Meditation
Criticizing others while ignoring own’s own mistakes
Planning something but changing it suddenly or rapidly
Desiring too much of things
Investing efforts and energy and knowledge to purchase things that are not much important or subjected to momentariness
Etc – are the obstacles on the journey of realizing oneself, on the journey of becoming successful and happy.

Lovism Conference May 25

Although, this news is from way back, we would like to remind you of The historical first international lovism conference once again.

Under the banner of :  ”Prayer, Meditation and Request for the world peace on the Top of the world by Master Godangel”  Master reached the Top of the world and sat in Tapasya for 27 hours out of his enduring period of 32 hours and 27 minutes the longest hours ever in the history. Master hoisted the UN flag for the first time in history, Lovism Flag, Heavenly Flag, National flag along with the Buddha’s flag.

On this auspicious happy and victorious occasion ‘The historical First International Lovism Conference’ was held at Dharan, Sunsari, Nepal on 10th of  September, 2011. Hundreds of thousands, along with the guests from over 20 countries, attended the program. During the program Master Godangel confered Maiti Nepal and Sakti Samuha with Lovism Award each, Dr. Indra Bahadur Rai and Jhamak Ghimire with Lovism Gold Medal and Lovism Silver Medal respectively.

The main mission of program was to celebrate Master’s kind and victorious deeds on the Mountain Everest as well to announce what Lovism is internationally. Master explained  Lovism in his blessing speech.

News from the 10 September 2011
Master’s secretariat office


May 24

I believe that through the practice of Love the world will become peaceful. I urge you thus that we everybody practice love within our family first. As the inevitable result of practicing loving-kindness within family is the peaceful family the world will unquestionably  become peaceful too if most of us practice Love-kindness.

We have to come together May 23

My mission is to bring all good works together. That is what Lovism is about. Unless the deeds and good people in the world do not emerge into one single power the world will continuously be confused as to which one is right and which one is wrong. Instead of creating peace such good things can become a conflict among people as well.

Thus my mission is to bring all into one.

22 May, 2012

Be strong all the time.
Do not give up your right aims.
When people are nearer to win
It becomes tiresome to most of them

But the ones who constantly flow
If not otherwise, will definitely win the game.

Be strong and strong never give up
You are nearer to your destination
There is no such thing as luck
it is you who mode oneself in any turn.

Lovism Day, 21 May

 Happy Lovism Day,

Dear ones,
I wish you very happy lovism day
Today is the day I came back to Basecamp leaving the Top of the world. I remember vibrantly that I was Just coming down from the Everest Peak. And I was a really excited that I did Tapasya for longest hours for the well being of all living beings and survived a long period of time on the highest gigantic standing hill. Today is the day of celebration thus. Please celebrate The LOVISM DAY – and it is today.

  1. You may go to picnics
  2. You may prepare foods and enjoy in the family
  3. You may have singing and dancing parties
  4. Please take your day off if possible and you can visit the places as a family or friends, or alone if you prefer too only if you can enjoy that way
  5. You can have game competitions just for happiness
  6. Sending a greeting messages to the family members or friends who are far away, foreign or near
  7. Celebrate your life in anyway that makes you happy – (while enjoying we should not harm others) …… Etc,

20th of May, 2012

To all-dear Yatrees,
To all-dear Lovism Yatrees,

I would like to wish you very very happy Heavenly Day.
I would like to take an opportunity to express my sincere thanks, gratitude and Jai Prem with Love and Blessings on this auspicious occasion of Heavenly Day.
Today is the day, that last year at this moment I was on the top of the world under the banner of “Prayer, Meditation and Request for the world peace by Master Godangel.” I remember the day vividly.
Today if everything is fine, I would like to request that you fast for today: May 20th. Water and Fruits are fine to have.

Thank you
From the bottom of my heart,
Sincerely your servant

19th of May, 2012

Dear Presidents,
And all Yatrees

It is an important message from the Master’s Secretariat office that we all celebrate Heavenly Day and Lovism Day. Heavenly Day is to be celebrated on 20th of May and Lovism Day on 21st of May every year. As you know, on the 20th of May, our beloved Master reached the top of the world prior to hoisting the UN flag for the first time in history similarly Heavenly Flag, Lovism Flag and Buddha’s message flag for the first time in history. Along with these flags Master also hoisted the National flag of Nepal. You must also be aware of Lovism Day – that is 21st of May on which Master left the top of the world at 1:00 pm having been there in Tapasya for 27 hours.

How we celebrate Heavenly Day
We light the DIYOS and prepared for KALASAS on 19th of May from 7 pm and keep Diyo lighting until the 7 pm 21st of May.

7 pm May 19 is the time when Master left from Camp-4 towards the Top of the world
7 pm May 21 is the time when Master descended at the base camp


If possible, we gather on these days and celebrate the Heavenly Day, and Lovism Day
If everything is fine, and if not otherwise, you can sit for fasting on the day of 20th of May.

And celebrate the Lovism Day the 21st of May. On this occasion you can get together and enjoy in anyways such by sharing foods, dancing, singing, playing, etc.
You can also have programs, speeches, etc on this particular day.
Remember that Master Godangel started descending from the Top of the world on this particular day.
Master reached the Top on 20th of May at 4:33 am and started descending on 21st of May at 1:00 pm.
Tnank you

Neejuah, Sir Rajan, Sangihang, Henkhama
Secretaries of Master Godangel for Nepal
Secretaries Office
Kathmandu, Nepal

Until 17th of May, 2012

Wednesday, 17, 2012

God is the constant flow let yourself flow with it
God is the constant voice let your ears listen to it
God is the universe emerge yourself with it
God is not something that you can find but something that you can realize; thus, realize it
God is dead and alive at the same time; thus, die and live at the same time
God is Love live with it
God is joy be joyous and humble
God is truth be truthful
God is the King of emptiness, lose yourself in it
God is the King of nature sing and dance with it
God is the king of mystery … go deeper into it.

Wednesday, 17, 2012

‘Loving’ and ‘liking’ fall into vast different emotions and categories. But usually people misunderstand the word “Loving” with “Liking.” It may be very possible that when “A” says he loves “B,”  ‘A’ does not  love ‘B’ but only likes ‘B.’ Loving comes with commitment such as caring, obeying certain conditions, not hurting, and living with the maxim that “I honestly do care about you” today and forever. ‘Liking’ is not sincere expression. It usually comes with double sided edge. I like ice cream but I may not like anymore if I engulf it too much at once, for instance. Thus, when someone says “I love you” one probably mean “I like you.”

Wednesday, 17, 2012

If you see a  bear laughing you may feel scared, if you see a Buffalo laughing you may have a heart attack. Because it is only human who has the capability of laughing. Thus, being is able to laugh is one of the biggest gifts bestowed upon humankind. If so, laugh …..do not hold yourself back…….do not undermine your gift ….

Wednesday, 17, 2012

When life is running, death is flowering. Life and death do not have separate existence but one.

A person dies everyday – one dies with times, flowers, nature, sun, etc.

Wednesday, 17, 2012

Nobody is perfect; everybody lacks something:

Someone has tendency of getting angry abruptly,
Someone has tendency of getting frustrated quickly
Someone has tendency of changing plans suddenly
Someone has tendency of talking idiotically

Lo ! If you feel really bad about others’ imperfections; remember of your own first, you will definitely fine some.

Life …

Life has to go on no matter what
The nature of it is to flow like a river
Sometimes with mud
sometimes fresh and clean
Sometimes it blossoms like flowers
Sometimes it loses its leafs
Sometimes it wants to fly away only to discover that it does not have wings
Sometimes it wants to have garland of flowers only to discover that it is on the island

Ups and downs is another nature of life, Zigzag is its way
As you soon as it get birth start decaying slowly
On the process of decaying it sees many things
it envies of a lot of things
it cries and laughs
it does good and bad

Life is nothing but the process
it is here now but one day it wont be here
Sometimes it becomes poem
At another time it becomes pain
Sometime people think of it as a chain
Freedom is there but to realize it takes wisdom

Wednesday, 16, 2012

As soon as you start explaining the beauties of beauty  it ceases to be beautiful.

Wednesday, 16, 2012

What is love actually?
Love is comprised of :
1.. compassion
2. loving actions, loving thoughts and loving words
3. non-violence
4. kindness
5. truth and honesty
6. selflessness
7. joy

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some people want to obtain credits without work. They forget the natural laws: No work no food. No pain no gain.

Success is nearer !

Now you are joyous, in a minute you are saddened
Now you are courageous, in a moment you fine yourself frustrated
Now you agree, in a moment you disagree
Watch out something about the history ! You see, the progress is not a mystery !!

Progress and success is the name of the constant struggles
Success is not a success if it were like the water bubbles
Be strong and persistent, be committed and tireless,
Go on, and on, and on, beyond your best !!

Then someday you will find the success just waiting for you.

Saturday, May 12, 2012
Do not let yourself broken by others. People may not like you, may not think of you as a worthy person, may not accept you as a great one despite of your great works, may not appreciate you for your kindest deeds to them, may not want to feel your sincere love and caring, but still be strong. Whatever happens happens for good reasons.

Monday, April 30, 2012
God is not the one who talks right now and keeps silent after a moment. God is not the one who promises you for something right now and forgets his promises next time. God is not the one who talks personally but rather God is the constant voice that to be heard; God is the constant solid-universe in which we consist in; God is the constant flow that to be felt. Thus, it is not that God speaks to you, but it is rather one’s capability to hear his constant voice. SMG
God is neither within nor out but is within and out. SMG
Under-beneath the consideration there must be something hidden. SMG
What you imagined usually goes just opposite. SMG
You have seen the world, you have touched the world, but you have not known it coz you have not experienced it. SMG
The mind is not so simple it is strong. For instant when you sleep alone in spooky condition do imagine of evils or ghosts then out of nowhere ghosts come in to trouble you. SMG
We are all members of a single family. No one is stranger from anyone. SMG
People who are not responsive are silent killers to themselves and to others. SMG
Everybody has unique characters; if you understand their characters and treat them accordingly you are a victorious. SMG

What is Lovism…

Lovism is there to heal the wounds
In the darkness to invite the moons
Home for orphans and elderly
Generous friends for those who are lonely
Lovism is there to end sorrows and tears
Among miserable ones energy of cheers
It is a stick for those who are blind
For the deaf the wider signs
Lovism is there to build good homes
In the streets to make the flowers blossom
It is food for those who are hungry
Water for those who are thirsty
Lovism is there to make you positive
Only then all sorrows you can beat
It is the way for a good and happy life
To reach the Nirvana it is The guide
Lovism says:
Love has especially three characters: Compassion, Kindness and loving character.
Compassion involves alleviating all kinds of sufferings and misfortunes from all sentient beings. Kindness involves being generous, considerate and friendly from the bottom of one’s heart. And loving character involves having actions, thoughts and speech with true love.

While talking, mind your words; otherwise it will destroy other’s sentiments and will destroy you later.

Control your anger or it will fail you; once you have control over it, you are victorious.

Will you love me in November as you did in May?
Will you love me forever the same way,
Will you love me when my hair all turns gray
When my eyes cant see night or day
Will you hold me tight and say
That you will love me in November as you did in may.

Love is evergreen: it is not like water bubble that it is here now and it is no more in the evening.

Showing off is almost always accompanied by harms.

The more you show off the more you regret later.

Our life is running while the death is flowering.

When fools criticize you, please ignore them and do not let yourself get carried away by their foolishness.

This mind is not so simple; it is strong. For instance, one moment you are sleeping so soundly and the next moment, you imagine the ghosts and evil spirits and then out of nowhere, they come to trouble you.


Overconfident 31

If you have lost your confident you are bound to fail in your endeavor.
Both overconfident and under-confident is a dangerous sign. Be natural and flow with the nature.