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Welcome to the official website of Master Godangel. Master is the philosopher of Lovism, the founder of Lovism Society world, patron saint of Heavenly/ Nirvana Path, the founder of Art of Happiness, an advocator of world peace (Truth, Love and Happiness) humanity and human rights. Master teaches that peace is the product of true love.

"If peace were a tree love is its roots." "If you sincerely want to see the world in peace, go home and love your family." Master believes that Love has to be practical for it to become true Love.

Thus, under His supervision there are many practical services: such as Loving Homes for orphans and elderly people, Lovism Drug Rehab Center for recovering from addiction, AaMaSha for healing sicknesses, the Art of Happiness for eliminating stresses and unhealthiness both mentally and physically.

Explore here more about Master Godangel and the services that are being carried out under his supervision.

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June 27, 2015

Godangel Baani June 27/06/ 2015 प्रिय आमा-बाबा, प्रिय युवा, अनि प्रिय प्रिय नानुहरु, हामी सबैको अनि सारा प्राणी जगतको मंगल रहोस भनि प्रार्थना गर्दछु! मृत्यु सबैक असल साथि हो ! मृत्युले कसैलाई पक्षपात गर्दैन ! प्रश्न छ : मृत्यु भए पछि Read More…

September 14, 2012

September 13, 2012

September 12, 2012

September 11, 2012

July 20, 2012

Upcoming Events

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September 18 - November 20
Tibet + China + Thailand  : Meditation program in Tibet, China and Thailand
September 15 - 16
Jhapa : Address to General Meeting of Heavenly Path Nepal
September 11
Kathmandu : Address on Lovism Concert Kathmandu
August 26 - September 2
Delhi India : Blessings upon Dignitaries in New Delhi
August 15 
Kathmandu : Address to First General Convention of Lovism Society International
August 09 - 12
Pachthar Nepal : Address to General Meeting of Lovism Society
July 30 - August 07
Sunsari Nepal : Training Guru Circle
July 27 - 30
Sunsari Nepal : International AaMaSha ii Training
July 21 - 26
Sunsari Nepal : Training Guru Circle
July 13 - 18
Thimpu Bhutan : Public program, Meditation and Meeting with Yatress and Dignitaries
July 9 – 11
Darussalam, Brunei : Teaching on "impacts of True and Spiritual love in the Society" "Principle of Lovism"   For more click VIEW ALL

Art of Happiness

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Lovism Art of Happiness (LAH) is the powerful method of realizing inner happiness that has been hidden within us ever since the first time we experience sorrows in us. The course LAH awakes us in the light of newness of ourselves.

One of the most important technique that LAH includes is series of powerful breathing meditations. Such as:
1. Butterfly meditation
2. Conscious meditation
3. Loving Meta Meditation
4. Vipassana Meditation

1. Positive thinking or positively utilization method – (Anichha)
2. Disciplining oneself to become a better person (Speech, Deeds and Thoughts)
3. Being acquainted with Motivating Stories, Biographies, Poems, songs, etc.
4. Relaxing methods (Dancing, Exercising, Playing, etc.)
5. Taking care of health (Taking steam Bath, Lovism Tea, Healthy Foods, avoiding intoxicating or unhealthy foods)For more click VIEW ALL


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Wisdom about Soul, Mind and Body
3 days course
The Revelation of Birth, Life and Death
7 Days course
Chi Garden Ri-Garden, Nee Garden
3 Days course

AaMaSha 1 - 45 Days
AaMaSha 2 - 7 Months
AaMaSha 3 - 1 Year

Butterfly Meditation/Conscious Meditation
1 hrs - 3 Days
Sayangmee Tapasya
1- 7 Days
Connection with the Nature Meditation
3- 12 Days
Lovism Meditation (Love is my life, Kindness is my Nature & Compassion is my Duty).
1 hrs - 3 Months
Crying and Laughing Meditation
5 Days
Ocean, sky and flower Meditation
9 Days
Nirvanik Meditation / Riminis Meditation
3 Months For more click VIEW ALL


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